About Us

Our Core Values

We Value:

Having and showing Genuine Christ-like love;
Living Spirit-led lives;
Being a Living witness in all we do;
Being people who live life through Consistent prayer;
Offering Authentic worship to and for God;
Practicing and encouraging Active discipling; and
Developing a Deepening faith journey.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision and Mission as a Christian Church is:

“We are a living witness, shining the light of Jesus Christ to bring FAITH, HOPE and LOVE to the community”

Living Faith Uniting Church is a Christian church committed to living out the teachings of Jesus Christ. We believe that there is an absolute need for all of humanity to come to a point of knowing who Jesus is for them personally and of encouraging people to take the step of experiencing what this means for them.

We take seriously the need to share with all of our community, the love of God, brought to the earth by Jesus. The people who make up this Church come from many areas but mostly from this community. We want to do all we can to help you know that God loves you and has taken extraordinary steps to ensure you have the opportunity to know and fully receive that love.